Dominican Republic Flag Meaning & Details


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 Dominican Republic Flag
 Flag Information
  • a centered white cross that extends to the edges divides the flag into four rectangles - the top ones are ultramarine blue (hoist side) and vermilion red, and the bottom ones are vermilion red (hoist side) and ultramarine blue

  • a small coat of arms featuring a shield supported by a laurel branch (left) and a palm branch (right) is at the center of the cross

  • above the shield a blue ribbon displays the motto, DIOS, PATRIA, LIBERTAD (God, Fatherland, Liberty), and below the shield, REPUBLICA DOMINICANA appears on a red ribbon

  • in the shield a bible is opened to a verse that reads "Y la verdad nos hara libre" (And the truth shall set you free)

  • blue stands for liberty, white for salvation, and red for the blood of heroes

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     Source: CIA - The World Factbook


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